Introduction and Goals


After many years of slowly changing my online presence from a random username over to chriscarr, I was finally able to pick up for a reasonable amount. I remember the first time I ever felt like I had a common name – after some time recovering from laying down my first motorcycle on a country road, I went in to a local bike shop to get an estimate on repairs when the owner looked up at me after taking down my name. He squinted to make sure I was just some kid, then said “You know Chris Carr is one of the great flat track racers?”

At the time I had no idea what a flat track was, or that there was an uphill battle to becoming known as Chris Carr publicly when there are likely multiple Chris Carrs in every profession in the country.

But, here we are – I’m happy to have a place I can share my stories and easily be found. I’ve managed to become chriscarr on GitHub, and hope one day to unseat @chriscarr on twitter 🙂


First goal of writing content here is to keep some record of the journey at Carrot. The further we get into building this company, the more I realize that I have already forgotten. As a record for myself as well as my family and friends, I hope to keep a log of some of the highlights and mistakes we have made to get where we are, and where we are going.

Second, I hope to make some of the knowledge I have gained available to others looking to start a business, make something great with WordPress, or lead a team of developers for a SASS product.

Finally, this is an attempt to get more of the Carrot team using our own products so we can see where they shine and where they can be improved. I hope that from the experience of us blogging on a Carrot site ourselves, we can make it not just the best way to set up lead generation sites, but also a great place to set up a personal or professional blog.

— Let’s get started!